Plastics experts in Auckland

GA Plastics are the plastics experts based in Auckland producing constituent parts for the marine, building and dental hygiene industries. You will benefit from our New Zealand made products that we are renowned for on an international level, so promote your company with our locally made products today.

We like to think outside the square at GA Plastics so if you have a new project idea in mind then call us today. The importance of our customer relationships extend to outside our industry as well as inside and it is crucial to us that we bring high quality products into homes as well as businesses.
manufacturing plastics extrusion


Recently, our company has expanded into the extrusion sector now producing PVC profiles such as pipes and tubing for an array of industries including:
  • Building
  • Agriculture
  • Infrastructure
We continue to form a continuous profile with our plastics so you reap the benefits.
disposable products

Homewares and disposable

We have also expanded our services to include the homewares and disposable products markets with sales to retailers and wholesalers of the following plastics seeing our products reaching the homes and tables of everyday consumers:
  • Drinkware
  • Plates
  • Disposable wine glasses
  • Cutlery
plastics injection molding

Injection molding

We are well equipped to help with any injection molding as well as extrusion procedure. We use precision machining to form the parts of any desired component and service a wide variety of industries.

Call us today to see how we can mould to all your business needs.
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